Buy a Laundromat or Dry Cleaning Business

Laundromats and coin operated laundries are a unique business model that can survive well in depressed economies and periods of economic growth. Populations with high rates of apartment renters and densely populated areas, such as the Gold Coast, are good markets for laundry based businesses. Clean clothing can be considered a basic necessity of life, which makes laundromats a key component to the economic landscape

Buying a Laundromat

Buying a laundromat represents an opportunity to buy into a highly established and stable industry. The laundry business is steadily growing especially in densely populated locations like South East Queensland. A laundromat can offer multiple business models to a buyer including a franchise laundromat business, self-service laundry, owner-operator laundry business, and even a semi-absentee or absentee business. At Transworld Business Advisors, we can help you own a laundromat by buying a laundromat business or connecting you with a laundromat franchise. The best place to learn about buying a laundromat in Queensland is to visit our Buyer FAQs page. If you’re ready to Buy a Business, schedule a consultation with a Business Broker.

What Are The Benefits of Buying a Laundromat or Dry Cleaner?

Laundromats and coin laundries are part of the self-service laundry business. Buying an established laundromat gives a business owner immediate access to cash flow, laundromat customers, and a steady service-related business.

Is a Laundromat Business a Profitable Business?

According to the Coin Laundry Association and our experience, laundromats for sale in Queensland can cash flow between $15,000 and $300,000 annually. This range will be based on business location, the population density in that area, and other characteristics of the location. Buying a laundry service business is a great way to tap into an existing model and focus on fine tuning the business strategy to continue to grow the revenue and expand the business.

Why Should You Think About Buying an Established Laundromat Business?

The laundromat business model has existed for a long time and is a mature industry that is still growing. Buying a laundromat is a great way to reap the advantages of owning a laundromat while circumnavigating the difficulties of starting up a laundry business. The advantages of buying a laundromat include the transfer of laundry equipment like coin operated machines, an existing lease contract and staff or management employees.

Is the Equipment Usually Included in the Sale?

Each business listed for sale has its own unique situation, so whether the laundry business equipment and inventory is included in the sale will depend on the specific business. Typically, with a laundromat the washer and dryer machines are leased equipment and can be assigned to the new owner as part of the sale.

Is it time to transfer the ownership of your laundry business to a new business owner to fulfill your plans to exit your business? Transworld has proven experience in, helping owners sell their businesses. Schedule a consultation to learn how our process can help you exit your company.


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