Buying a Landscaping Company in Queensland

Purchasing an established lawn care business offers entrepreneurs a valuable opportunity that will reduce your risk of failure and limit a high cash outlay, while maximizing your opportunity for a customer base and business reputation. Growing a current business through acquisition is also a great path for overnight growth that owners often neglect.

Transworld Business Advisors’ role is to help you identify landscaping businesses for sale in accordance with your lawn care business goals. Starting with our Buyer FAQs page, you can learn more about the process of buying a landscape company Queensland.

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What are the benefits of buying an established landscaping business?

Commercial and residential landscaping businesses for sale offer several benefits to a professional that a new landscape design company can’t offer from the start. The benefits of buying a lawn care business include:
1. A business model that has proven itself
2. Cash flow coming into the business
3. A business location or warehouse
4. Commercial contracts and/or residential customer base
5. Landscaping equipment and vehicles
6. Staff familiar with the company and service
7. Management trained to operate the business
8. A community following
9. Brand recognition in the community

Is a landscaping business a good investment?

A landscaping business is a good investment because there are limited barriers to entry, services can be offered year-round, and there is growth potential in expanding the business’s territory and team size.

The benefits of owning a landscaping business are as follows.
1. There is a large labour pool to draw from
2. There are limited barriers to entry
3. Opportunity lies in new construction, especially in South East Queensland
4. Year-round service through lawn and snow management
5. Growth potential in scaling the team and expanding territory
Business acquisition is often a little-known route to entrepreneurship, but landscape professionals thinking of becoming an owner would do well to consider the option. Buying a company comes with great benefits including staff and customers which can be costly to acquire when starting a new company. Buying a business makes the process to entrepreneurship much more time efficient and cost effective.

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How do you go about finding a landscaping service business in South East Queensland?

Transworld Business Advisors has a proven process for buying a landscape business to help business buyers in their acquisition process.
1. Landscape design buyers will start by searching our landscaping business listings for sale in Queensland.
2. Once a lawn care business is identified the buyer will connect with a business broker to discuss the company for sale.
3. If the buyer is qualified and still interested, they will sign a non-disclosure agreement and get the opportunity to review the executive summary.
4. The buyer will then meet with their business broker to identify next steps in a first meeting.
5. If all goes well in the first meeting, a second meeting will take place with the buyer and seller present to discuss the company.
6. The buyer can then submit a letter of intent outlining the terms of the transaction and due diligence.
7. After the acceptance of the letter of intent, the due diligence will begin.
8. The asset purchase agreement is then signed by both parties and the new owner will move into the training and transition period.

Already Own a Landscaping Company?

Transworld understands the value of your established business and wants to help you transition to a new career or retirement, by matching your business with a great buyer. Learn more about selling a business by visiting our Sell a Business service page.

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